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Welcome to Real Time Heart-Based,
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– bringing the Heart-Based LivingTM approach =

RTHB is a Social Enterprise (SE)

Discover all that you are, become more aware, feel more present in your moments and find true happiness and contentment in your life..

Help with our Podcasts

For our next series of podcast we intend to address issues and dilemmas being faced by you. We will not name you in the podcast, however, we will discuss the issue/dilemmas that you have raised in the podcast and hopefully offer an alternative heart-based living alternative. 

You can choose whether to provide your contact details, if you do, we will let you know when the podcast addressing your issue is available, otherwise we will add a comment to the existing post when each podcast is up.

What would you like us to discuss in a podcast about heart-based living?


Upcoming Events – All are welcome:

Research supports this heart-based livingTM approach to happiness…

– noticing, feeling and experiencing life fully from your heart as your true self

Explore the programs, projects, events and personal guidance sessions – discover this alternative path to happiness and wellbeing

Chien shares her experience of the program

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Our Mission:
One heart at a time, towards a more caring world…

With Heart-Based LivingTM pathways to;
find your self, find your way;
in your relationships, at home, work, business
and in whatever you choose for your life.
We are a Social Enterprise (SE) that puts the interests
of people and our world ahead of profits.

We look forward to seeing you
Our warm regards
Tricia and Nigel,

Our Heart-Based LivingTMPrograms and Services

Some of our programs are listed below and you can also get involved by joining our free Community Membership which provides you with a login to share and comment on blogs, posts and podcasts.

(*Note you can offer what you can afford where “Name you Price” is displayed)

Our Heart-Based LivingTM Programs and Services:

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