This page is a summary of blogs and articles about many of the real time heart-based community projects, topics, activities and people in the community. We would love to hear from you about what you are up to.

Duck – poetic expression

‘Duck’ – so many ways this word can be used. Lovely to explore different ways of telling a story and to hear the stories behind the use of the word.

What happens when friends no longer contact you?

What do you do when friends don’t contact you and you feel upset. Nigel and Tricia share a heart-based approach to explore.

Empty – poetic expression

‘Empty’ – lots of stories around ’emptiness’, some funny, serious, profound, comforting… all inspiration for expressions – poetry, prose and anything in between.

Quirky – poetic expression

‘Quirky’ – gave us time to notice the little things, which after time, had us recognise were endearing things, the funny little things, the subtle things that make us smile or warm our hearts.

Artificial – poetic expression

‘Artificial’ – where did it take us? It was a word that took us in many different directions. The good, the bad, the ugly it could be viewed, in the eyes of the beholder of course.

Stubborn – poetic expression

‘Stubborn’ – the realisation that we name and label to help describe what we see in the behaviours around us. So what does it say when we express something or someone as ‘stubborn’?