This page is a summary of blogs and articles about many of the real time heart-based community projects, topics, activities and people in the community. We would love to hear from you about what you are up to.

The power of freely giving

We thought we’d share this story about Peter, who is a regular contributor on our weekly poetic expression session on Monday evenings.

River – poetic expression

River’ – what type of river jumps out at you? Whether as a metaphor of the actual, a river can be or relate to so many things.

Lost – poetic expression

‘Lost’ – where have you been lost? When? How did it feel? What did it bring you? Here are a few of the expressions from the week.

How OK RU? Woodcroft Library

How OKRU?   It is an important question to ask yourself regularly? And just as important to answer it honestly.

Layers – Poetic Expression

‘Layers’ – they are so varied! So many ways to see, feel and describe things. A great word for expressing more about how life is viewed.

Too Busy to Find Time?

Are you busy doing things that you believe you are meant to be doing to get ‘ahead’ or to ‘keep up’ or ‘stay well’ however feeling like life is passing you by very quickly or not as you would like?