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Busyness and Heart-Based Living Podcast

So often we hear or say ourselves, ‘I’m so busy’ in a way that suggests we’re missing out on something else more important because of it. If that is the case, rather than ‘so busy’, how would it feel to respond with ‘I’m giving my energy and time to what matters and is important to me’? 

Being versus feeling

There is a lot of talk about what we need to do to be happy, successful, wealthy and the list goes on.  So often there are lists from research or what others have found worked for them, and in many instances, people try to follow some of those things in the hope they too will get the same results. We have found, in so many instances, it actually leads to the opposite, as often they feel alien or even too difficult to engage or uphold.  

Trust (heart-based podcast)

Trust is a word often used, and we thought we’d have a conversation around how we see it in terms of a heart based living approach.  As trust often revolves around what we believe, it becomes clear how we can gain or lose trust, as our many life experiences has us all with varied beliefs in a broad range of areas.