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Community Connection Program

Welcome to the Registration Page

Please complete the registration form below, at any time up to the closing date (extended to 30th July 2021). We recommend that you do this as soon as you can as  places are limited.

We will then get in touch with you nearer to the closing date.

Thank you.

Registration Form:


About your interest in the program

Your responses here will assist us with we how we can best support you. ** Please note: this program will go ahead, even if there is a Covid lockdown or restrictions. We will comply with any requirements and the face-to-face sessions may be replaced by online (zoom) sessions,
Please ask any questions which will help you better understand the program or how it will work for you
Please include/describe any support or needs regarding health, wellness, safety or wellbeing that would be important or good for us to know and that will help with our planning.
Please list any work, volunteering or other activities in which you may participate in these postcodes (Adelaide CBD)
This helps us understand how to best reach people.

About your preferences and times to participate in the program

You may also provide any other comments regarding session arrangements in the box below:

About your contact details

*Note: to be eligible for this free program you must be resident or working/volunteering in postcodes 5000 or 5006. If you live elsewhere and are interested in the program please continue to register.

About how you feel using technology

Your answers here will assist us to understand any support needs you may have using technology
Web browsers include Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
Zoom is an application that allows you to connect with others using video and audio from your phone, tablet or computer

About the technology you have

Your responses will help us to register you with the online program and provide some support and guidance. **Please use your best guess where you do not know the answer.
Tablets include iPad, galaxy rab, yoga etc
Computers include desktops/notebooks/laptops; Windows PCs, Surface, Apple Macs/Macbooks etc