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Creating meaning from situations – podcast

While finding meaning can have its benefits, creating meaning also comes with some challenges. Nowadays we are exposed to so much through various outlets, that may generate meanings that lead us to actions and often non action, both of which may not serve us well.
Meaning as we know is derived from our lived experience (our thoughts, feelings, learning and memories) and as we all experience life differently, finding common meaning, is less likely. 
In this podcast Tricia and Nigel, talk about a heart-based living approach, that highlights an alternative approach in moments, when our meaning making is leading us away from our hearts, what we want and what we love. 
Tricia and Nigel run a regular zoom expression session to engage in the practice of increasing awareness around meaning making and developing the skills of honest expression.  

Feel free to comment or join in with our zoom expression session (see event calendar)

1 thought on “Creating meaning from situations – podcast

  1. Hi Tricia and Nigel,
    I am back home again after spending some time with my daughter and her family, which I plan to do quite a bit more of in the future.
    I attempted to listen to your latest podcast this morning but wasn’t successful. I’ll try again a little later.
    As soon as I send this message I plan to set the alarm on my phone for tomorrow night’s zoom session.
    talk soon I hope

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