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Duck – poetic expression

‘Duck’ – so many ways this word can be used. Lovely to explore different ways of telling a story and hearing the story or inspiration behind the use of the word.

What does it conjure up for you? We hope you enjoy these expressions. We had fun with this word this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next word is ‘besotted’ which will take place on Monday 27th March at 6pm.

Hope to see you there.

I’m a duck in type

My mother was an inspiration
I still remember how she
Instilled in us how people
Love to create personification
To include Ducks like me
When they use our word
In their communication.
Even in their cartoons
We are used as entertainment
Represented by a lisping Daffy Duck
Who’s famous for “suffering succotash”
So many expression and sayings
My species have provided
Like: to get all their ducks in a row
Duck around a corner
Duck in for a cuppa
Duck up to the shops
Duck into next door
Duck under the doona
That’s filled with eider duck down
While in their Sleeping Duck bed
Isn’t that just duckie?
Some waddle like ducks
Some are called ugly ducklings
To others it’s water off a ducks back
They refer to each other as
An odd duck, a lucky duck
A lame duck and a sitting duck
Yellow ducks that float in the bath
While others fish from a rubber ducky
They can be seen duck diving under the waves
And have even invented a pluck a duck game
If you are playing cricket you can go for a duck
So much colour our name has attained
I only wish “Duckies” that you would refrain 
From finding new ways of cooking and eating us 

PJR    13.03.2023


The penny arcade in town
The crowds gather around
Have some childlike fun
Try their skills, maybe win a prize!

Throwing the ball, down go the skittles
They all collapse with a clang
Hoorah! Hoorah!
The thrill shows in my eyes
As I collect a prize!

Moving on I spot the clowns
Could I do it again, let’s wait and see
My concentration to the max
The balls roll into place
You should have seen my face, as I collect a prize!

Here we go, the moving ducks
I can do this, I’ll try not to miss
Down they go, ping here, zing there
On a winning streak, as I collect a prize
Another fluffy duck!!!

CCon 13th Mar 2023

Duck attack

As I ran passed some ducks
One seemed to take dislike
The next moment it was taking flight
After running at me with a quack
The next moment it was on my back

It gave me a peck
Right on my neck 
Not the friendly kind
More like an angry grind

It then went for my head
I ducked for cover like when in a bed
It just went over
It was sitting in my hood
Not doing me any good

Teaching me a lesson
When I run ‘no messin’
With its family you hear’!
Ok, next time, I will not go so near

The duck seemed to then scoff
While I shouted ‘just get off’!
I did not stop and just kept running
The duck stayed on there while it was beak-gunning

Once fully expressed
It left as it ended its address
It was as though
Its ducks were now all in a row

When I arrived at my destination 
People felt that was I ducking the question
There was also a real danger 
That I might be ducked in water

So some possible learnings for your day…
If you see a duck, duck and avoid being ducked (in every way!)


Early morning waddle

An early morning waddle 
No sign of any mollycoddle 

Family together
Like birds of a feather

Insects seeking
There’s no retreating

Gathering for the day
Until the intimidation game 
Gets underway 

Maggie’s swoop 
Dogs frolicking 
along the loop

Forcing the family into the pond
Hope they’re not there for long

In with a plop 
then a dive

And a graceful glide
Nowhere to hide
When the water’s clear
There’s nothing to fear

Back up to the bank 
They take it in turns 
One at a time
Like a mountain to climb

Time for the sun 
to dry their feathers
Blissfully pampering
Unperturbed by the weather

Now back on track 
family in tack
The father behind
Mother guiding this time

Waddling and leading
Stopping for more feeding

Til what do I see
Can it really be?
They’re in the sky!
They can also fly

So much they can do
Between me and you
It’s not just love and duty 
They are blessed with so much beauty

What a great deal of luck
To be born a duck


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