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Empty – poetic expression

‘Empty’ – lots of stories around ’emptiness’, some funny, serious, profound, comforting… all inspiration for expressions – poetry, prose and anything in between.

Where do you go when you hear the word? What does it bring up for you?

What a wonderful way of learning about ourselves, our feelings, our memories, our views… through a word.

Next week’s word is ‘quirky’.

I’m looking forward to see what comes from that.

Hope you enjoy the poems, and feel free to let others know they are welcome to be part of this wonderful sharing session.

Hope to see you there.


I’m not bitter about what happened
So let me live my life as it is now
Thoughts please leave me be
I’ll never know who I could’ve been
A single action I let go
Steps I didn’t take
Well that part of me
Doesn’t seem to want it to go
Fifty years ago
One decision still rumbles me
Leading me back again and again
To remedy a moment in my history
A senseless journey
Somehow I won’t let go
Gnawing away in a fantasy
What a waste of time 
Well that part of me 
Doesn’t seem to want it to go
Hovering in an irregular orbit
Flying around visiting
At times of self-reflection
I tell myself

Let it go

Time you move on
Sadly it wriggles
Into my present space
Leaving me in a twisted state
Denial seeps, creeps, never sleeps
Surely my mind can control this
Then my thoughts contradict it

Let it go

Time to move on
You that part of me
Never seems to move on
Leaving me with
A vacant empty space
Such a lonely place
A sad interaction
That ends in frustration

PJR    6.03.2023


The sunrise begins the day
Will the sunlight show the way
To thoughts leading to positives
To events that lead to negatives
The deafening silence, grief and pain
So overwhelming, it’s all so insane
Realise responsibilities, rise to the day
Smile and nod on the outside
When you are bleeding on the inside
How do you make your glass half full
When inside you’re running on empty



People wandering 
In their minds 
Energy seeping 
Worries creeping 

Thoughts of regret
Planning, pleasing 
On repeat 
Just no ceasing 

Constructing delusions
Falsely dreaming
Stories with meanings 
Keeping them seething 

What should I do? 
Why them not me?
What have I done wrong? 
How can this be? 

Exit the office
Faces expressionless 
Vitality defeated

Unable to connect 
Or feel what’s inside
Don’t look up 
Nowhere to hide 

Individual silos 
Surrounded by walls 
Impervious to the vibration 
Of souls’ deep calls

Closed to openness 
Any sensation or spark 
Of curiosity or desire 
Rather remain in the dark 

Head down, plugged in 
Not missing a beat 
Continuous scrolling 
The lunch time feat

Each to their own 
No love shown 
Such a rush to where? 
Does anyone really care? 

Activity a buzz 
Nothing to share 
Seems life is great 
Delusion beware 

It’s just emptying us
With things that are tempting us 


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