Facebook Ad Review

Review of Facebook Advert


Thank you so much for taking part in this review!
We have prepared a Facebook advert, a landing page and an add to cart/checkout workflow for you to 'roadtest' and review.

We would appreciate you saying honestly how you feel as that will be most helpful to us. We want to get this right, and reach people around the world. So please do not worry about hurting our feelings, we really want to know how you feel and have your ideas/suggestions to make the content better.

There will be guidance notes throughout and you will be opening links which will open in new tabs next to the browser tab for this review questionnaire, so that you can jump around as you need. You can take notes, photos/screen shots etc and upload them with your feedback and question responses. Whilst all questions require answers, you can enter N/A for those you do not wish to answer.

You can carry out this review on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, or a combination, as you are accessing all of this via a browser (eg safari, chrome, edge, firefox etc). The landing page and purchase process takes place on our test site and is not permanent.
Please allow about 30 minutes for your review and when you get to the end you will see a submit button which will save your responses and notify us that you have completed.

We are looking forward to your responses and suggestions. Thank you and warm regards
Tricia and Nigel

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