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Tricia La Bella

A great night, with a few personal poems to begin: Peter, Lesly, Tricia and then the group prose of a wonderful discussion…
Peace. 9.02.2021

Within the forest of my mind
I tread unsure of what I’ll find
Feelings clash and fly around
The winds of emotions crashing down.

My thoughts scamper like dead leaves
Rustling scuttling on the breeze
The canopy above a solid shroud
Not letting in any outside sound.

No light penetrates my fog of gloom
My tree of life of life whispers songs of doom
The trunk solid strong and stout
Hiding my shadows of self-doubt.

Careful of where I’m stepping
Avoiding twisted roots so deceiving
My pathway seemingly endless
Leaving me distraught and senseless.

Tasting conflicts sour and disgusting
Smelling turmoils foul and wrenching
Leaves me lost in distortions
Losing all sense of proportions.

Sliding perilously down a slippery slope
I catch my fall on a branch of hope
Holding fast I stop my flight
Giving me pause it’s time to fight.

I force my way up and out
Leaving the forest of self-doubt
Picturing sun filled open meadows
Full of light no more shadows.

The warmth of the sun drenched sky
Opening up my heart letting me cry
Tears run and flow a river down my cheeks
My breathing ragged, chest heaving, no longer weak.

Joy and happiness rise and fly
Released to forge a strong reply
My time to feast now on a new accord
Embrace my new path, my new reward.

Using my strengths to turn the tide
Bravery, hope, fairness and love be my guide
For in this life we have each other
My power rests in the peace I can discover.


Oh! for a little peace and quiet,
The peace and tranquillity of the morning light.
When raising a family a Mother needs peace,
Teachers try to bring a little peace to the class room.
Is there peace after a stressful day?
When studying peace and quiet is also needed
Peace treaties are signed after war.

Oh for a stressful free life and to give peace of mind.



Why can’t there be peace?
Or is there?
What is peace?
Peace – a moment of nothingness.

A mind silent,
A world silent,
No distraction,
No force.

Not your way, not mine,
Surrender to what is,
To feel the nature of existence,
No need for more.

But can we, that’s the question,
In amongst the noise,
The petty, the small,
The tall?

We say it’s peace we want,
But is it?
Or is it to win?
To have our way?

To gloat / float?
Stamp / ramp?
Force / discourse?
Fool / Pool?

And move further away,
From where it lies,
All around us,
Within our reach.

Yet hidden from,
our own eyes,
Elusive yet possible,
With just a breath,
When we realise… we can.


Peace 15th February
So many words around peace
Peace of mind
If you get lost in your mind,
You get lost in the proportions,
You may not find the peace….

There are things that may get in the way…
may need a lot from yourself to reach it…

There is always conflict within
When we release it we can find peace

So where do I find peace…
some say peace is silence…

When there is no noise no ambience – it is uncomfortable…. you can hear your own blood

Will there ever be peace for all…..

If there is a winner then there is a loser,

Can there be a search for inner peace so it is available to all…

Japanese gardens can help you feel at peace…

I need nature to feel peace…
peace comes from within…

Even when I am not in a peaceful place…
natural feeling of peace is within…

Doing what feels good can create peace within…

Once something is fixed you can feel peace afterwards

Or you can have pain and peace sit side by side…

All emotions live together – and in that is peace too….

Peace can be a relief

Listening to poetry can bring a feeling of peace…

You can find peace in the country… the silence

Phospheressence by Julia Baird, the natural noise – for wellbeing for peace…

The peace of silence…. stillness, the natural sound – of birds

Peace… is being comfortable,

Finding peace when settled…
peace when running… it’s a rhythm

Rocking a baby can bring a rhythm of peace

We all have our own word to describe the peace

V the sign of peace
V day, victory day

Silence can be noisy…

Silence may not always bring peace,
blocking out harsh noise to hear the natural noise, then blocking out the natural noise to find the silence

Silence to see, to see the bees,
To see what you may not see when there is noise.

As John Lennon said, ‘give peace a chance ‘