Reply To: Poetry Expression on line zoom

Tricia La Bella

May 25th 2020 Expressions by the group

Love is painful
Secret love ?
Growing up with love
Brings us love
Is that love?
We use love to mean so many things
It often lessens the meaning of love
We over use the word
We under use the word

How do we say what we mean
Hi love …
Do not call me love

Do I trust the word love?
A love that loves what is

Love is self care
Love starts with yourself
Self taught me compassion

Love is word
Words are easy
Love is feeling
Feeling what ?
Love is nature
The feeling it brings
The senses are coming together

Love hurts
Love comes with an open heart
The heart is vulnerable
Close your heart so you don’t hurt
But then I’m sad
If I open my heart love can be felt

How can I open my heart
The lessons
Come to myself first
Can I open my heart

It’s so hard to open up
We learn to close our heart

I don’t want to feel
Keep breaking your heart until it opens

The hurt is so great with pain I can not bear it

Then I miss out if I close off my heart

To love is to have pain

Sisterly love
But I may not like it

There’s different kinds of love

Love things
Love passions
When passion is there there is love

Express it
show feel it
Search it
Say it
Understand it

Connect with it

We die
love dies

Is Love eternal?
Love is beautiful

I used to love
And now i don’t
Was it love?

What is this thing called love?

So what word instead?

We say love
But is it?

Love changes
You can love in a different way
Soul mate unconditional

Culture changes things
A love, a strong pull towards

I did love but don’t now?

feelings never die
Their smell
Their memories
Stay with us forever