Reply To: Poetry Expression on line zoom

Tricia La Bella

Monday 24th August 2020 Time – and it was certainly a wonderful time sharing this topic with the group.
We can use time in many ways
Just what is time?
Everything that ever has been or will be, can only happen now
Time we can not recapture
So if there is something to do, do it now because you can’t recapture
Everything we do we are going into the future opening the gate into the future
Closing the gate to the past

Is now now, or is it the past’s future or the future of the past?

Can we go back in time, or forward in time,
Is it an illusion?
Natural time is based on the cycle of days and seasons
What do we do when we wait – is that a waste of time?
Time is a constant for all of us
What we do in the moment is our opportunity
I can be miserable in moments or I can enjoy those moments
Looking back somehow makes it feel better
It helps us time to grieve

If you have nice moments, when its the end of someone’s time, it can feel so much better

How much nicer to say it is the end of our time…

We can choose what we do with our time
We do have a choice
Have lovely things to do so if you are waiting you have some other way to make the most of your time
Take the time for who is special in your life
Find the time
Valuable time, so their is no regret.
I don’t like to say I don’t have time.
I can choose to make time,
When it is the natural time to do so.
If you could have 1 word to associate with time what would it be

Precious, breath, moment and now.

What is a phrase for time
Time is unfrozen fun
Be your best in all times
Do it now because you can
Live in the now

How conscious are we of time?
When we choose we can have more moments

Appreciation of our time
Breath is a symbol of time on earth
Respect time, our own and others

Expression about time

Real time…
Where has the time gone
Haven’t got time
Make the most of my time

I’m fascinated by time
Sometimes an hour feels like a day,
And sometimes it feels like a minute

Where does time go?
Time as stored memory

When you are passionate about something
Time flys

I seem to lose time when I’m doing what I love

During Covid19, time in lockdown feels like an eternity!

Or abandoned in a city away from home, away from friends and family. Away from mum.

That time can feel so long.

It may be a test on how to use the time differently.

What does it mean when we say – give me a second, just a minute – and it’s not!

We push time or force things to happen in time

Can we just feel time?
When we feel time, we are actually feeling moments

When we feel time, we are actually feeling moments and being in our life

Time a tunnel of eternal possibilities
So let’s choose to make the most of our time