Reply To: Poetry Expression on line zoom

Tricia La Bella

7th September 2020

To be born and die…
To be part of the balance of the planet…
To evolve and thrive…
To go beyond survive…

Purpose, is it more or less
than who we are
Than what we do
Than what we bring

The council has a purpose
Dog registration
They are not listening to what matters
Purpose or compassion

We all have a purpose
It’s important to repurpose
The purpose of life is a life of purpose

People bring gifts to others
Our pets can bring love and unite others

purpose is to give love and to receive love
Especially in these times..

When we miss someone, we realize our purpose is love

People want to have purpose
Covid has shown how people want to help

With knit a care square, people want to help others keep warm

When we lose our purpose, then what…
Purpose can change…
Life situations can change our purpose…

Some times our purpose is to help others

Sometimes our purpose is to keep things light
Like Nigel talking to the ducks…
Was it Donald and Daisy

Purpose now to look forward to a better life

Purpose is to not look back…
find your purpose as you move forward

What we believe strongly brings purpose

Passion for something brings purpose

To use all of who we are, to bring to that to others – is our purpose

So what does purpose mean?

Sometimes we receive from what others bring – their purpose is for us, as our purpose is for them

Live your life on purpose – intentionally

Cause of death is being born…
we sometimes look too hard for our purpose
Rather than feel it and flow with life

Life purpose changes
Now it is for a heart shaped world…
To bring love…

I don’t like it when someone says… What is the purpose of your call?

It sounds quite calculated…

Takes away from softness… quite controlling and direct

Sometimes you have to ask what is the purpose when there are so many spam calls.

There the harshness may be needed.

Stating your purpose intention reason resolve determination objective rationale…

Tone can make a difference
Sometimes we over use the word
And the real meaning is lost

Overusing the word purpose or other words, when used for everything – it doesn’t seem authentic

What words indicate purpose

When people give you the why… they are sharing their purpose

It’s internal its a feeling
You don’t need to explain to someone what your purpose is

You shine it naturally

others see it naturally

Others can see your purpose without you realizing that

Others can say that’s what you do, that’s what you bring, that’s how you shine…

Back to the point.. just what you bring

Others know what you bring… they can predict that behaviour because of how they see you, what they believe about you…

Is that an assumption? It may or may not be what you see as your purpose….

Your purpose your inner knowing

Live your life on purpose…