Reply To: Poetry Expression on line zoom

Tricia La Bella

Charity 14th September 2020
Charity begins at home
What does that mean?
Instead of giving to others
It’s about giving to yourself

Or it’s about learning it at home
Being kind at home first
Being generous

Charity is about assisting those in need
Taking care of people close to you

And taking care of you so you can care for others

Is charity about donations?
How are you charitable?
Helping others out,
With your time,
With your words
With services
Being a volunteer

Charitable to be kind to others
Giving people your time
Everybody – especially with those who are often not listened to

Charity is unconditional…

I gave time to my 90 year old Neighbourhood,

That is a true charitable action

For Nothing in return

From the heart,
Where people appreciate

When it is from the heart it feels like true charity

Giving to your Neighbour

Let’s look after our Neighbours

It’s not just giving to a charity

It’s not just about the money

It’s kindness without any expectation in return

Often people don’t want charity

They prefer kindness

Is there a negative associated with charity, charities

Don’t use charities for an intention not from the heart –

Nigel is being charitable by showing us around Adelaide

It’s sad if a charity doesn’t give from the heart

Did you know that sometimes only 5% is given to the cause

Some charities get funding to do the work of government


Perhaps charities should feed the gap not be the service

Not tackle the big issues…

Charities for kindness rather than serving the role that is much needed by the community

Voluntarily giving help to those in need

How do you feel when you help?

I feel good to help and it gives me purpose

It’s mutual – no hierarchy – reciprocity

I’d rather say it’s two way

Let’s reciprocate

This word has had a lot of attention tonight…

The feel good in the give and receive…

It’s easy to hand over money – yet the help is what is needed

The love of helping

The reward of feedback that someone is grateful and appreciative..

Kay’s ladies can now move better from the exercise – now that has made her smile – the give and receive

When you receive gratitude it keeps you giving

We will need more charitable acts after Covid as people will be in a struggle and maybe even traumatized

When you are kind, others see kindness, feel kindness and may even ripple kindness to others.

What you say and what you do, needs to be aligned

If there is a gap between the walk and talk, it doesn’t feel charitable – it doesn’t feel authentic


If there’s no connection it doesn’t feel like charity

Would you rather give or receive?