Reply To: Poetry Expression on line zoom

Tricia La Bella

Angry 12th October 2020

We could have got angry over technology tonight

I get angry when technology doesn’t work

Kay is not angry – she just accepted the fact she couldn’t get on for tonight’s session

When things don’t turn out, I get angry

Perhaps frustration first then anger

What makes you angry?


I don’t argue but I feel anger

I don’t show it but I feel it inside

I have been angry with my life

Now I don’t want to waste my time and life with anger

The journey to anger is frustration

With unnecessary rules, injustice,

Some drivers on the road, doing stupid things,

Now I see it differently – I don’t feel so angry

With serious things going on in the world its better to focus on things that need attention

Not silly things

I get angry when things are unfair

I try not to waste energy if I can’t control it

I now focus on the big picture –

I often shoot my mouth off in a spurt but then it dissipates…

Some people don’t get angry

They don’t notice others
They may not care…

I get angry when people have to be right

With narcissists….

Anger is when people are bitter…

Mums cupboards full of blankets!

Men? I don’t know what makes me angry…

I don’t show my anger.

Tantrums some people do tantrums…

Can you control anger?

I go silent… I think about how to express it…

My daughter shouts… I leave it and once it calms down, I begin a conversation

Is it OK to feel anger

What is it?

It’s not the anger – it’s the expression of anger

Some Shout, hit, or are passive…

I’ve found to express it – how I feel – gets it out

If not it doesn’t go away…

Not the anger, the intensity… more about how it is shown

The face says it all

We are not taught how to express anger…
Kids are told to shut it down

To suppress it

We don’t know how to get it out – we are not encouraged to get it out

There are only 2 things fear and love

Any emotion comes back to love and fear…

Honesty is part of it…

We find it hard to be honest and express

Often we get shut down… and that stops it

Anger is Ok

It’s OK to be angry

Greta Thunberg could have said she was upset…
Instead she got up and showed she was angry
And that lead people to listen…
anger was channeled into an emotional statement that was received and made a difference…

Let’s help our kids release the anger

In an effective way.

Tone can tell us the state of anger

Some people are sensitive to tone

A look

Can be threatening to someone else

Do we give people the space to be angry?

If it is imposed it is difficult…

If I don’t express my anger I just get sad

Sadness can lead to depression

We are meant to express

Watching someone watching the computer instead of communicating… makes me angry

Time wasting for me… Is relaxation for others… Perhaps I should change my attitude… it’s a difference in values

I could just join in…
Or jump on every screen in the house and then what???

Great suggestion Gloria…

Often people say ‘don’t get angry with me’

To warn them, so that they are prepared…

Express your anger..

If you can’t take a tablet, just jump on one…