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    Tricia La Bella

    18th January 2021
    the topic of listening… thank you Peter, another beautiful and meaningful poem…


    To lose your mind and all you know
    Listen to your senses let them flow
    It’s to open up so you can grow
    All around nature calls out to you
    Sharing their voices of endless beauty
    To lose your mind and all you know
    Creates your inner voice
    Let it be the music of your choice
    It’s to open up so you can grow
    Follow the sounds in your heart
    For in that world you can start
    To lose your mind and all you know
    So that silence is greeted as a friend
    Not feared or filled with imagined dread
    It’s to open up so you can grow
    Listen with your whole body
    So you can connect with anybody
    To lose your mind and all you know
    It’s to open up so you can grow

    Now for the expression from the whole group on the evening… WOW! just amazing how much richness is expressed.

    We can listen in silence

    Many people are afraid of silence
    They don’t like to have the silence
    They fill the spaces…

    Silence in your own mind…
    Don’t fear not having a thought…
    We somehow feel comfortable to be busy… we wan to have a solution in our mind…

    Sometimes we just want to empty our mind…

    To be comfortable in silence

    Why is it so hard?

    Can we let thoughts flow through us…

    Holding a scene in silence as an actor, is a sign of a good actor

    Depth of silence – how powerful

    Just sit and let it be

    No clues in silence… Agh! we want clues –

    Human want to know…

    Writing while listening can capture the essence but do you? if you are writing while someone is speaking – can you really capture it?

    Can you listen, really hear when you are distracted by doing other things like writing ?

    When you listen you are paying attention ?

    To listen is to listen with your heart

    I’m sensing what is being said…

    I can sense tone, expression, feel the intention,

    It’s not what is said… it’s what is being felt, what do they mean?

    Silence gives people the space to express… slowly –

    That is kindness – giving people the time.

    Sometimes I don’t say something because I don’t want to waste people’s time.

    We can’t rush it!

    people need to speak in their own time,

    Don’t fill the gaps for people… don’t repeat the question, don’t jump in…

    People just want the space…

    I learn a lot through listening – because I wouldn’t otherwise know or have the opportunity to learn.

    Sometimes it takes a while to get a message out,

    The meaning of the message can be in the response it gets… how others receive it.

    What you say brings things, you don’t even know are there.

    Listening is delicate… the more in rapport, the closer you get to the edge of their meaning….

    You can’t get it all in a small disclosure…

    How often do we switch off and not got any part of the message….

    Often we are in our minds – listening to that so we can’t listen to others…

    Frontline… make fun of current affair with listening as nodding – now that’s listening – haha… I’m nodding now!

    Listen with whole body…

    With the eyes, the eyes tell you what state they are in when they listening

    Look into the eyes… some people feel uncomfortable to do it…

    When i talk i don’t look at people –

    How do you listen to yourself? I look up…

    The eyes are a give away…

    The eyes are the gateway to the soul….

    How you look into the eyes makes a difference

    Eyes that flutter may mean something – Oh no! My eyes flutter….

    The voice… a clue to what is being said…

    Can you hear it? What do you hear…

    Tricia La Bella

    1st February 2021

    thanks everyone, for the topic on decisions.
    thank you Kay, for your written expression that helped many of us…
    thank you Peter, another wonderful poem.
    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

    Time to consider my position
    Before I make my decision.
    To draw up my actions
    That will be a map of my reactions.

    A pause for introspection
    Looking for some direction,
    A chance for more choices,
    Options from other voices.

    Firmness in sticking to my purpose
    Delving deeper under the surface.
    Seeking, deliberating, determining
    A resolution from persevering.

    Strengthening my resolve
    To keep to my goals.
    Accepting, acknowledging, my fallibility
    Being persistent with my certainty.

    Feelings and emotions digested
    Thoughts diagnosed injected.
    Finding the right directives,
    Objective or subjective in perspective.

    Positive and negative outcomes weighed,
    My future course will be layered and made.
    If my decision is Yes, No or Maybe,
    This mystery will be left to history.

    PJR 22.01.2021

    And now for the expression from the session…

    Maybe is a time based concept… is maybe a decision?

    If you don’t make a decision – the decision may be made for you

    If you don’t make it in time… you may not ever get the chance to choose

    Maybe is a holding pattern…

    It is time based…

    It can be valuable or it might not be…

    Nigel at the Colonel Light, at Light Square looking towards Montefiore Hill..

    All about the squares….

    Victoria Square and Whitmore Square… yes that’s cafe outside the square!!

    That was Nigel’s decision – people may need to think outside the square… to make decisions…

    It’s the uncertainty of what the decisions bring…

    In organisations it’s about opportunity costs…

    If you choose A you can’t choose B, therefore there is a gain, there is a cost…

    There may be a risk either way…

    Choose with your heart… following your heart…

    The heart has an emotional attachment…
    the mind comes up with too many possibilities,

    People don’t expect you to use your heart in business…
    they may say naive but is it…

    The two can work together… the head and the heart…

    The consequences…

    Is this the right thing for me…

    Hard when you know it may let someone else down…

    Make a choice that helps you in life in some way…

    Don’t let it destroy you… the stewing

    Making decisions for others instead of yourself – can be negative…

    The outcome of choices that you feel is a wrong choice… when you don’t let go… can lead to regret…

    Sometimes we are stuck with our choices… and please be with it until you can make another decision down the track…

    Accept we sometimes make decisions, that we can’t turn back…

    Within a decision are other decisions and choices that can make the first decision feel not so bad…

    When emotional intelligence is low… sometimes it can affect choices

    Growing and expressing and learning can always happen at another time… there is hope

    You can actually go back on your decision – when your heart was burning for something different – thanks Kay for the stroy

    Not the choice of others… yours – it’s not about them.

    When you act on it – it feels euphoric – so good to have made the decision…

    Be happy and confident with your choices…

    When we are at a ‘cross’ road… let’s change it to a ‘happy’ road

    Tricia La Bella

    Thanks Nigel and Peter for your poems…

    firstly Nigel

    What are habits?

    habits we do
    habits we wear
    good habits
    bad habits

    things we do often
    without thinking or pause
    without feeling or cause

    can we stop them?
    what if we did?
    the bad ones I mean…

    if they harm us or others
    can we admit?
    can we let them go?

    if we did
    they would no longer be
    a habit within me


    And thanks Peter…

    Settle down you lot,
    Many of you I forgot.
    We need to have a meeting,
    As it’s clarity I’m seeking.

    I’m aware of so many of you
    And for that care, I thank you.
    No questions of your intentions,
    You release me from my tensions.

    Some of you are in my core,
    Or returning unwelcome from before.
    Others are brand new,
    Thankfully they are few.

    So now is the time
    When I draw a line,
    Good habits line up on my right,
    On my left bad habits don’t fight.

    Born together, aware of others,
    You are my inner brothers,
    Deeply ingrained, colliding in my space,
    It’s time to give you all a face.

    I need to hear from each of you
    Tell me your stories and be true,
    I don’t want any disputes,
    I only want your attributes.

    From the moment I awake,
    You both strive to partake
    In my drive to survive,
    Another day staying alive.

    I’ve listened and accepted
    Both sides seem to be connected,
    Not the whole of who I can be,
    Only a part of becoming me.

    PJR 8.02.2021

    And now for the session outcome… just wonderful.
    A cow with OCD?

    Good habits shape your life

    There are some good and there are some bad

    What’s a good habit and what’s bad

    Habits change when you move from one place to another

    Lots of habits to carry out the day….

    Rituals for the day

    Patterns for the day –

    Habit or OCD

    What is the difference

    Is an OCD an overdeveloped habit

    Uncontrolled habit is that an OCD

    Unconscious habit

    When habits become rituals it feels an OCD

    Habits that get out of control can be a problem

    Routine or habit

    Tram – a routine

    Catching the tram is the routine

    Routine is more conscious – choosing it as part of your flow

    Habit when its unconscious – don’t need to think about it

    To make them conscious recognize them and give them a face…

    Sometimes I’m not aware that i was doing it…

    To notice means you can choose something differently

    Before it becomes a habit

    Habits are difficult to break

    Some habits are comforting

    Like twirling my hair

    What is that…

    It’s sensory… it feels good – it feels safe…

    Habits that feel comforting

    Familiarity… safety

    Nuns wear a habit… why call it a habit…

    A nun’s habit is a sign of poverty…. same outfit

    Harmful habits

    Smoking can harm us and others… and the environment

    It may be something we’ve done for years, before we knew it was harmful…

    As we become more aware…

    Break the habit…

    Can we?

    Can we break the habit?

    Is it laziness, is it awareness, is it belief,

    People take more notice of Facebook post than a scientific piece…

    global warming – waste management

    It can be

    Be firm with your habits…

    If not they can

    Habits are you servants…

    They either work for you or against you

    Are we becoming servants of our habits

    Or our habits our servants…

    How can we change habits of mind…

    Those habits can be destructive…

    Habit of negative thoughts

    Can you change mental habits…

    Train your self talk to change habits of talk…

    Habits of mind can create things…

    Animals are creatures of habit…

    Cows will go to be milked the same time every day…

    Cows know they have food waiting… they know how to survive…

    Birds waken the same time

    What drives that?

    They sense the same time each day…

    It’s not seasons… it’s a knowing

    Habits as innate knowings…

    How lovely – magpies visit same time each day… now they come for food, they are creating habits.

    What do you feed the birds… seeds (thanks Lesly)

    Our ability to change habits plays a role in our survival on the planet …

    Tricia La Bella

    A great night, with a few personal poems to begin: Peter, Lesly, Tricia and then the group prose of a wonderful discussion…
    Peace. 9.02.2021

    Within the forest of my mind
    I tread unsure of what I’ll find
    Feelings clash and fly around
    The winds of emotions crashing down.

    My thoughts scamper like dead leaves
    Rustling scuttling on the breeze
    The canopy above a solid shroud
    Not letting in any outside sound.

    No light penetrates my fog of gloom
    My tree of life of life whispers songs of doom
    The trunk solid strong and stout
    Hiding my shadows of self-doubt.

    Careful of where I’m stepping
    Avoiding twisted roots so deceiving
    My pathway seemingly endless
    Leaving me distraught and senseless.

    Tasting conflicts sour and disgusting
    Smelling turmoils foul and wrenching
    Leaves me lost in distortions
    Losing all sense of proportions.

    Sliding perilously down a slippery slope
    I catch my fall on a branch of hope
    Holding fast I stop my flight
    Giving me pause it’s time to fight.

    I force my way up and out
    Leaving the forest of self-doubt
    Picturing sun filled open meadows
    Full of light no more shadows.

    The warmth of the sun drenched sky
    Opening up my heart letting me cry
    Tears run and flow a river down my cheeks
    My breathing ragged, chest heaving, no longer weak.

    Joy and happiness rise and fly
    Released to forge a strong reply
    My time to feast now on a new accord
    Embrace my new path, my new reward.

    Using my strengths to turn the tide
    Bravery, hope, fairness and love be my guide
    For in this life we have each other
    My power rests in the peace I can discover.


    Oh! for a little peace and quiet,
    The peace and tranquillity of the morning light.
    When raising a family a Mother needs peace,
    Teachers try to bring a little peace to the class room.
    Is there peace after a stressful day?
    When studying peace and quiet is also needed
    Peace treaties are signed after war.

    Oh for a stressful free life and to give peace of mind.



    Why can’t there be peace?
    Or is there?
    What is peace?
    Peace – a moment of nothingness.

    A mind silent,
    A world silent,
    No distraction,
    No force.

    Not your way, not mine,
    Surrender to what is,
    To feel the nature of existence,
    No need for more.

    But can we, that’s the question,
    In amongst the noise,
    The petty, the small,
    The tall?

    We say it’s peace we want,
    But is it?
    Or is it to win?
    To have our way?

    To gloat / float?
    Stamp / ramp?
    Force / discourse?
    Fool / Pool?

    And move further away,
    From where it lies,
    All around us,
    Within our reach.

    Yet hidden from,
    our own eyes,
    Elusive yet possible,
    With just a breath,
    When we realise… we can.


    Peace 15th February
    So many words around peace
    Peace of mind
    If you get lost in your mind,
    You get lost in the proportions,
    You may not find the peace….

    There are things that may get in the way…
    may need a lot from yourself to reach it…

    There is always conflict within
    When we release it we can find peace

    So where do I find peace…
    some say peace is silence…

    When there is no noise no ambience – it is uncomfortable…. you can hear your own blood

    Will there ever be peace for all…..

    If there is a winner then there is a loser,

    Can there be a search for inner peace so it is available to all…

    Japanese gardens can help you feel at peace…

    I need nature to feel peace…
    peace comes from within…

    Even when I am not in a peaceful place…
    natural feeling of peace is within…

    Doing what feels good can create peace within…

    Once something is fixed you can feel peace afterwards

    Or you can have pain and peace sit side by side…

    All emotions live together – and in that is peace too….

    Peace can be a relief

    Listening to poetry can bring a feeling of peace…

    You can find peace in the country… the silence

    Phospheressence by Julia Baird, the natural noise – for wellbeing for peace…

    The peace of silence…. stillness, the natural sound – of birds

    Peace… is being comfortable,

    Finding peace when settled…
    peace when running… it’s a rhythm

    Rocking a baby can bring a rhythm of peace

    We all have our own word to describe the peace

    V the sign of peace
    V day, victory day

    Silence can be noisy…

    Silence may not always bring peace,
    blocking out harsh noise to hear the natural noise, then blocking out the natural noise to find the silence

    Silence to see, to see the bees,
    To see what you may not see when there is noise.

    As John Lennon said, ‘give peace a chance ‘

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