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Ghosts (poetic expression)

It is wonderful to explore topics how our feelings and thoughts about certain phenomena.

This week’s topic on ‘ghosts’ an interesting exploration. The word was used in a variety of ways… with a variety of meanings.

It gave many of us the opportunity to bring out some experiences, some were personal and some conceptual.

To connect with loves, to ponder life here and now and beyond… How does that connection happen for you? Are there signs that have you feel something beyond this world?

What does it conjure for you? Where does it take you?

Next week’s word is ‘ghost’… I wonder where that will lead us?


the rebellion has begun

ghosts around the world

fathers, sons, daughters, mums

are finally fighting back

what do we want?


when do we want it?


chanting marching as one

our battle song rings out

on banners posters flags 

“Ghost Lives Matter”

brings us together as one

it’s time to make a stand

and rid the world of fear

no more hiding in the dark

rattling chains or ghoulish laughs

that’s not why were here

our souls are just like yours

it’s time to end the doubt

we’re fighting for equal rights

to live in peace and harmony

our demands are for you to pause

and consider who we are

not some white sheeted apparition

who walks through closed doors

we seek to end existing conditions

that stand in the way of 

a future without superstition

a kinder loving richer space

so when your time arrives

to join us forever in this place

we can live united and free

without our human insanity

PJR    2.05.2022

If only

It passed through me
I felt a chill
The emotions so strong
felt vivid and real

It was of unexpressed feelings
In many situations
of anger and love
towards people and nations

It was the wishing of openness
In moments past
When the closedness caused hurt
and where the opportunities were vast

It was of the realisation of
the lack of care for the self
Of the huge potential
That sat on the shelf

It was of the constant concern
for what others thought
Instead of the excitement 
That living the passions brought

It was of experiences not had
That could have been
That would have created feelings
which have not been seen

When it passed through me
I felt all of that
A life of plenty
That ended so short

In that brief moment
I felt needs not met
It was not corporeal
But a spirit of regret

A regret that burns
So it cannot leave
Something to discern
While it grieves

I am grateful
for it leaving with me
A learning so important
To respond to and be free

Ghost of Chance

Rambling thoughts come and go

words have no precision

to be used for our existence

Questions try to elicit 

understandings and 

conditions of truths in

context adds confusion

to our decisions 

Answers float on meanings

imagined or realistic

that can be turned inside out

through a single wobbling doubt

Reasoning based on experience

leads to learned responses

that creates an inner certainty

of our individual personality

Beliefs based on faith leads us 

without a ghost of a chance to

discover the place or space

in the idea we call eternity

PJR    2.05.2022

Grandpa Tim

Hologram of the spirit
He appeared before our eyes
Suit, top hat, and waist coat,
It was Grandpa Tim Styes

He was dancing in the aura,
Of his grand-daughter, for a while,
the spiritual gathering came a live,
Entertained by his Fred Astaire tapping style 

So how could it be, that some
Could see, hear, feel him there
While others, nothing, despite
Trying so hard, to enjoy his flare

The secret, so it was told, 
Was to relax, let it unfold,
Listen to the whispers,
Beyond the usual vistas,

And so, on it went
Till the rest of the group was spent,
Hoping to discover the way,
To see his spirit at play.

Going home that day,
With so much to say,
About the arrival of Grandpa Tim
Left my family in a spin

How nice it came to be
That some were free
To experience the unseen
And help them to believe 
In the veil beyond,
This lifelong song,
Giving life the notion
We are energy in motion

constantly changing,
And rearranging,
Different forms,
There are no norms

So thank you Grandpa Tim,
For popping in,
A day of light,
No fright, more insight

About a phenomena
So intriguing
That can really help
When you’re grieving

Like in my dream, or not, last night, 
It just felt right,
When dad arrived
And held me tight
I didn’t fight,
It was truly a feeling of delight…


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