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Handle (poetic expression)

Poetic Expression

Have you ever wondered more deeply about the role a handle plays in life? And the origin of the word, and what that suggests? Once again, it is not until you give words some space in your week to ponder, that your curiosity and creativity arrives.

We spent some time in the item, the handle… And then we delved into the concept of getting a handle on things that are difficult for us.

A word that started seemingly simple, lead to some interesting discussion and took us in many directions. What does the word conjure for you?

We hope you enjoy the read, and perhaps express your own feelings about the word ‘handle’.

PS the word for next week is ‘birth’. An amazing word and so much to explore. Please feel free to join in.

Handle on Fragility

Returning from my local shop
on a warm summer afternoon 
I paused to cross the road
I sat on my bicycle 
a moment like so many before
waiting for a gap to appear.

On my right a car began to drift
over the meridian strip.
Crashing through some signs.
Not slowing down. 
No steering corrections.
No screeching brakes
pierced the silent air.
Slamming head on into a tree
the explosion of the impact
sent glass and metal debris
careening across the road.
The car then airborne flipped
landing on its roof.
To bounce once more 
before coming to rest upright
on the wrong side of the street.

In the eerie silence, time suspended
from the reality that existed
a sudden chill descended upon me.
Adrenaline surged and kicked in,
I pull back from the urge
to run towards the crash.
As a memory came flashing back
to another time when I 
witnessed a similar crash.
One in which I’d nearly died.
That trauma now flooded back,
once more it became alive.

A sound of a horn brought me back.
I became aware that others
had reacted and pulled
the driver from the mess.
Rooted to the ground I stood
I needed to escape the drama
Of the now and from my past
I forced myself to move away.
At home I sat and recalled
those two incidents that ran parallel.
My pent up emotions
needed to find a release.
Tears ebbed and flowed
And eventually calmed down
I felt a soothing peace.So I rode my bike
back to the accident site.
Reported to the police
what I witnessed.
The driver had survived.
Alcohol was implied.
Back home again I sat
And decided it was no good
to deny that I needed
to get a handle on
the fragility of life
that all living species live.

PJR    11.04.2022

Handles on Everything

When I came to think about it 
Handles are ubiquitous
How to open, close, carry, hold
Without them feels preposterous

Going through my day
In my usual way
Involves more handles
Than the wind blows candles

I get up and pull open my drawer
the wardrobe door
The bedroom door across the floor
The bathroom, and there’s more

I open the fridge,
Pick up the jug
Move back a smidge
Pour milk in a mug

Then there’s the kettle
Made of plastic and metal
Hot water in to teapot to settle
Strong tea into cup oriental

Onto the bike, with the handle-bars
Feet in (handle) pedals, mind the cars
Back pack on my back
Sunglasses also is a great hack

Planted on the road by gravity
Wind in my face, smile with brevity
Gears gripping chain links
Tires with spokes the distance shrinks

Even from this small part of day
It is clear how handles help in everyway
Even without the name
They are part of the game
They help us move
And stay in the groove
With objects and safety we need
So thanks to all, how many have you decreed? 


Can’t handle it…

Can’t handle it…
It’s too hot, it’s too heavy, it won’t open

Need a hand?
It needs a handle!

I can’t handle this…
It’s too challenging

I need to GET a handle on it!

And get a grip
To avoid the slip

Like scaling a wall, 
Grips so tall, 

And yet, they’re not so far apart after all, 
I won’t fall… 

Closer than I fear,
They’re actually near

Different shapes and sizes
Unassuming surprises

Who would have thought 
it could be
that something so obscure 
could get me from A to B 

So a handle so it seems
Is by no means the usual shape 
of a D

It can rest and lodge in places unseen 
Like a butterfly in deep ravine

On a musical note 
Or a lyric 
Or a dream

A handle 
Getting a grip 
Creating a flip 

And getting through unscathed… 
…love handles….
have you found them?


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