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The word ‘isolation’ conjured up something different for all of us…
It’s wonderful that we all ventured into different territory, to express some deep feelings around where the word led us.
We shared some honest feelings, and we had great chats around things such as how the silence of isolation, does not always reflect the level of pain beneath.
For Lesly, the isolation came about from a long term injury, and her prose around her true feelings, so powerful.
For Terry, being more isolated and alone, had her feel, quietly ok… Something different again.
We spoke about the chance of being undiscovered, even overtaken by those more outgoing in nature… which may lead to feelings of isolation, when things are not expressed.
The more extravert the personality type, often the louder the voice and visibility.
And of course the COVID perspective, and the role of the virus on isolation… which most of us have experienced at some point.
Well you have to feel for the virus… thank you Peter, an amazing perspective.
And thank you Nigel, your Isolation RAP, very powerful… So many strong messages all round tonight.
Many of us are feeling that after COVID there will be the need to share feelings, to heal the emotional pain from the experience.
We hope you enjoy these 4 very different types of expressions.


I’m floating, waiting
to complete my cycle.
Birth, survive, replicate.
I’m born to fight.
To stay alive.
Like you I have a life.

A need to fulfil my destiny.
I need to sustain my family.
I will never think or feel,
taste, smell, hear or see,
the species you call humanity.

Why I’m here I’ll never know
Where I come from is a mystery.
I exist therefore I am who I am.
I have no reason to be woke.
To be told who is right
No hashtags of me too,
or cancel culture for me.
No black lives matters,
or critical race theories,
do I need to see.

The meaning of my life,
Is to find a host for me.
Where I can breed and feed,
my purpose of life complete.
One barrier stands in my way.
One in which I can’t compete
The human species in isolation,
Creates a boundary I can’t leap.

PJR    19.07.2021


Oh my gosh, where do I start?
Let’s see,
2019 I had 2 major operations; 2 hips, and a left knee.
Plus 2 washouts, due to an E. coli infection in my right hip.
The isolation on returning home, was horrendous, as being on my own, having no-one to talk to.
Especially at night…  it would be nice to talk to someone…

I fell into a deep hole, feeling sorry for myself,
Not wanting to see anyone, trying to cope, with all the things not able to do.
At the end of 2020 it was back to hospital for another knee replacement (right knee).
Everything was starting to go along smoothly,
When in March 2021, I developed staphylococcus in my right knee
Once again back under the knife.

Depression was setting in black moods
A few times I thought of suicide,
Once again, being isolated and home alone.
I had a doctor who listened and showed he cared. He phoned personally while in hospital, and that really helped.
Tricia and Nigel stepped in, encouraging me to join, Real Time Heart with poetic nights, knit and chat, and Kay’s chat’s Tuesday.
I don’t feel so isolated.

Hospitals can be very isolated as well. Staff do not have time to chat. Even in a private room you are also isolated.
If it wasn’t for Tricia and Nigel, for their visits I don’t think I would have got through it all.
Gloria has been a great help as well, Popping in for a cuppa and a chat.

My outlook has changed now, I look to real time, as family and friends,
I now realise the elderly who live on their own,
How isolated they must feel, not seeing any one day in and day out.
I feel very blessed for the friends I have made,
Thank you everyone at Real Time



Isolation has been the destination
Of those with covid and no vaccination

It is the people in the Government with no cooperation
…to get things done with no collaboration

What we all need now is some dedication
To make us all safe with good coordination

To bring leadership, kindness, and some determination
To share the vaccine around with fair globalisation

So that everyone is safe from covid infection
No more deaths, damage, or injuries for the world population

Let’s get with the care, love, and support within our station
For our community at large that needs us in our nation

It is time now to come with better information
That tells us the truth and removes our procrastination

So we can all do the right thing without trial or tribulation
feeling free to be all we are without inhibition

…living life with gratitude and appreciation
…being connected once more full of jubilation


Alone or Lonely

When I am alone, I feel the power of life!
It is music to my ears, Sensations rife…

When I feel lonely, Lonely isolates my life,
It brings up all my fears, I feel I’m in strife…

The sound of life, A Baby’s giggle…
Lonely – no voices, My mind’s dribble…

The feel of life, Energy to burn…
Lonely – no vibration, Life – more a churn…

The sensation of life, The sun on my skin…
Lonely – no texture, Virtual reality akin…

The wonder of life, Bees on a petal…
Lonely – no heart, More like heavy metal

In the lonely, I am lost and disconnected,
Appreciation, Dejected…

Cannot find the wonder – It feels rejected…
The magic, the joy – No longer reflected…

We express isolation as pain, but could that be?
Perhaps it’s more, How we feel, what we see?


We’ve isolated the gene! We’ve isolated the virus!
We’ve isolated ourselves, Which in time will bind us…

Isolation alone, brings, The yin and the yang,
Some things feel good, Some things feel bad…

Through COVID though, What is shown,
Fear of the unknown, Has grown…

It must be the greatest, fear known to man,
But in reality, To not know… I am glad…


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