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Keep moving… Swap to Squat

The team at Real Time Enhancements are on a mission to support the shift from a sedentary to a moving lifestyle… 

We hope this inspires you, no matter what you are facing at the moment.

It is designed to be done at home and in your normal life – the aim to readjust your movements to use a little more muscle when you do!

And here’s how…

We know there are about 16 waking hours a day so the aim is to bring more natural movement in more of those hours –

So you need not stop doing the other exercise you enjoy such as the gym, sport and other activities

This FOCUS however, is on the time in between…

Here’s one example… when using the dishwasher… and we look forward to exploring more and more ways, so share with us your own ingenious ways! #keepmovinglifestyle

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