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Kingdom – poetic expression

‘Kingdom’ – a word that for many conjures an array of feelings that stem from what we have experienced in our lives.

Different types of kingdoms, which stand out for you? And how do you feel about them? Where does it take you?

This week, we enjoyed an array of expressions, that we hope you enjoy. Some are fun, spiritual, personal, and heart felt.

The wonderful thing is as we express, we discover more about ourselves, and dig deeper into what it feels to be ourselves.

Feel free to share, comment below, or join in each week.

Next week’s word is ‘deja-vu’.

Hope to see you there.

King Dom

Afternoon your honour my given name is King
My mother was a monarchist
Such a quirky women I should forgive
Not aware of my bullied existence
Due to my family name of Dom
She never understood the experience
Of my being regally teased in primary school
Reaching even higher heights in high school
When I realised I was a Queen
So if it pleases your honour I can explain
How my new name became Queenie Dominatrix
My craft exists in whips and tricks
And the skill I use to inflict pain
You’d be surprised by the number of my clients
Who you might recognised by name
Yes soliciting is illegal
And the fine is considerable
I’m willing to face this court
And argue my practice is recreational
I never indulge in sexual relations
I know some clients do lose control
I’m a proud giver of satisfaction
I mean they look for gratification
Yes your honour I’ll pay the fine
Oh by the way don’t forget
I still have you down tonight
For your appointment at nine.

PJR    15.05.2023

The Red Centre

The spiritual reign
Seeps through
Between the ridges
In amongst the bushes
Radiating from the rocks
Through the cracks and fissures
The tiers of ochre
Black stemmed
Green tinged
Intricate striations
Deep breaths penetrating
Into the core
Feeling connected
Sunsets absorbing
The essence of the kingdom
sits quietly
Unassumingly powerful
No need to control
No need for loudness
Truthful whispers
Say it all
Felt not preached
In awe, not fear
Have we been fooled
By the pomp and ceremony rules?
And we will never really know
Until we feel the inner glow
That is sparked within
As we take it in
A must go,
The centre
Our centre

TLaB 15th May, 2023

My kingdom

As I sit and enjoy the view
Admire the plants I nurture
Photos, decor, memories
Such a feeling of personal self
As I melt into a moment of my surrounds
Of gatherings along the way
That painting was bought in sixty-four
Feeling that day like yesterday
I still admire it so
My friend gifted me a vase
It was not my style
It lived in a cupboard for many a year
However, now in full view showing special times
Feeling family and friends within these walls
My memories all around
How precious to feel this way
My kingdom, my home

CCon 15th May 2023

Do you want to see more sheroes to govern their inner kingdom?

I have never been ambitious to have the desire to build my own kingdom, to get rich
or have all the fame.

Maybe because I know in order to get that, I need to put a lot of time and efforts, will
I enjoy that loneliness? 

Or maybe I’ve heard too many rich people are not mentally happy, so it’s good to be

But if I don’t want a kingdom, what do I want?
To do something I like that I know I am using my natural strengths, and to have a
group of friends I enjoy surrounding myself with. 
But the first one is already hard to achieve.

In order to produce a Chinese poetry album, I need to have money to make it. 
But I don’t have much money right now, then I need to consider applying for a grant.

But questions after questions, sections after sections.
I’ve heard it’s also very competitive.
Am I just wasting my time since I am at a very beginning of my music career? 

I thought of giving up.
But what if I will get the grant?
Or maybe they decide to give me half of the money I asked for? 
Who knows?
Shall I just give up without even trying?
What if I regret afterwards?

Suddenly I thought of a fact, why we have many males get hired instead of females. 
They act.
They don’t think too much. 
If we can all be like that, 
Try try try, 
Dream dream dream,
And trust trust trust,
Maybe we will see more sheroes to govern their inner kingdom?

XQZ 15th May 2023

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