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Moon – poetic expression

‘Moon’ – what an amazing thing, our moon. So many tales, stories, poems, philosophies about this constant visitor in our lives.

What stands out for you? Where does it lead you? A great week to ponder the nature of the moon.

No matter where you are in the world, this is our common. We all share the magic of it. We all enjoy the variation of it.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘birthday’

Hope to see you there.

Our Moon

I don’t feel so alone when I look up and see you
I hope you feel respected when we named you our moon
And you’re not offended by our devotion and imagination
We just want to show you how much you mean to us.
So many ideas you give us every night
Inspiring us with so many alternatives to discuss
For in our human single act of observing
Songs and poems have been brought to life
Helping me and others to perceive our world.
Clouds sometimes hide your light
Your orbit won’t let us see your dark side
Even so you are never out of sight
For someplace on our spinning sphere
You are tracked silently across the night
A beacon of familiarity and continuous regularity
Your enchanting moon beams reflecting on the sea
Can bring many of us peace harmony and tranquility
The waxing and waning of your changing faces 
Helps us predict our daily high low or neap tides
Just one of the many faces that cements your place
In the hearts and minds of a very grateful human race.

PJR    10.10.2022

Moon what?

Ned is out in the shed
With brothers Jacob and Ezra 
Live in the Kentucky hills
With Uncle Dan, Ma and Pa

They’re a suspicious lot
Live by their rules alone
No one would intervene 
In a spat of things unseen

At night when the moon arrives
The boys are very busy
The homemade distillery fires up
Surrounded by hills, avoiding detection 

Squaller in their own beliefs
Adds to outrageous behaviour
In mason jars filled with illegal liquor
They are anxious to saviour

Sitting by the fire
Ned brings out the banjo
His music echoes the surrounds
Absorbed in their own word
Sipping on their moonshine

CCon 10th October 22

Our Moon

Out on a walk, I saw something slight
Flashes between the trees, what a sight 
A strobe effect, it was so bright 
An electric feeling, a glorious night 

Light shining, creating a glow
Wolves howling, well they say that is so
Good timing, before the clouds take control 
A special moment, in my heart I did know 

Flowing with my senses, refining my connection 
Noticing the crevasses, on closer inspection 
Wondering with awe, and deeper introspection 
Stepping outside myself, with genuine reflection 

And yet for many… 

Deflection is rife, and more the way
Humans in strife, eyes on their prey 
Detached from life, and the bigger design 
Husband and wife, just no time 

Crime on the rise, ready to pounce 
Screaming out loud, to announce 
Lips pouting, it’s all about me 
Love floundering, why can’t we see? 

Or be, in the space, where magic looms
More aware of glow on the flowers in bloom 
And the big yellow ball, soon to be full
Doing its part, in earth’s gravitational pull

TLaB 10th October 22


The rooms lit up it’s time to rise
Hang on a minute, it’s dark outside
Looking out I see the moon
Gliding past my window

Of enormous size I can’t believe
Milky white, so delicate
The sight before my eyes
How precious, just the moon and me

CCon 10th October 22

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