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Sometimes words elicit a more predictable response, so when unusual words arrive, we know we could land anywhere. We laughed about the nature of some words on our list to explore, and then somehow ‘pickled onions’ arrived. Well funny at first, however this inspired the word ‘pickle’ for this week’s poetry. We don’t set any rules with the poetry, so it’s great how the meaning of the word varies. Interesting the stories, imagery, thoughts and expressions that arrived led to different memories and ideas. Hope you don’t get into a ‘pickle’ over them.

Pickles, Picklers or Pickled?

Early morning just as the sun is rising,
Setting up the machine to sort out the onions from the picklers.
Hurry, hurry the semi is coming,
Another 20 bags to go.

The morning Is heating up and wind has picked up,
The fumes are strong making our eyes tear up.
Yes, we make it just in time.

Do people sit at the table with a serving dish of
pickles to have with cold meats and salad?

I think not.

A cheese sandwich and mustard pickles make a tasty treat.

Walk through a winery into the distillery,
Stay long enough and you will become truly pickled.

As years gone by and someone   staggered down the road
You’d say, “Boy he’s pickled.”

Well, my brain is pickled now it’s someone else’s turn.

LMol 22nd November 21


It can hit at any time
I can feel it
I try talking myself out of it
But it wont go.

I say it’s ‘in my mind’
Just an excuse
It can’t be real
No big deal..

But it is
I can’t go without it,
Or wait til it passes
It doesn’t work that way

Surrender to it, the only way
Sneaking, peeking behind the butter
Are they there?
Please say yes, I do utter

Phew! I can see the jar
OH no lots of vinegar,
Then my hearts lifts,
As that delicious lonely pickled gherkin drifts (into view)

Through the spices, dill, seeds  and more
My spirit and hope delights
Appeasing the desire,
Alas only for a moment…

Then it kicks in
You know how it goes
When the taste triggers the
‘I need more..’

So basically ready
To run to the store
For that next jar…
Grr… cravings galore

9 months to go,
Will it end, I do not know…
My favourite pickles,
Does it show

TLaB 22nd November 21

What a Day

Here we go, seat belt on
A nervous lesson to be had
Blinkers on, nought in view
Pull from the curb, now what do I do?

Look in the mirror, read the road
Listen to what I’m being told
Eyes dart here and there
My mind is everywhere

Approach red lights
Foot on the brake, sit and wait
Off we go around to the right
Discover the feel of traffic flow

Oh no, a roundabout!
Looking, looking to the right
Not a gap in view
At this point I just want to spew

Now out on the open road
Relax a bit, what a good fit
Illness has passed, I’m on my way
I can do this

Now begins soaking rain!
The eyes feeling strained
So intent to absorb the lesson
My mind in overload

Feeling fuzzy can’t think straight
Foot on the clutch then on the brake
Oh, my goodness what a mistake
Through the fence into the crop

Down in the mud – seriously in a PICKLE!

CCon 20th Nov 21


Fickle fickle fickle
My new phone is on the blink
Sync sync sync

On the settings you would think
More options for me to flick
Flick flick flick
I can’t seem to take a trick

Fickle fickle fickle
My new phone is on the blink
Sync sync sync

I need to get this licked
It’s making me feel quite sick
Sick sick sick
Surely I’m not that thick

Fickle fickle fickle
My new phone is on the blink
Sync sync sync

Show me what to tick
Hotspot is what I want to click
Click click click
At last a symbol with a pic

Fickle fickle fickle
My new phone is on the blink
Sync sync sync

Now that was pretty slick
I’ll get on zoom really quick
Quick quick quick

Too late I’m now in a pickle
This bloody phone is fickle

PJR       16.11.2021

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