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Poetic expression – Phantom

‘Phantom’ – this word has been used and applied to for many things, as the word itself reflects something that appears or seems to exist but is not real or is imagined.

So many things in life, do seem to exist despite not able to see them, so easily able to confuse what is real, not real or imagined.

As humans, that is our capability, to feel and notice what can’t be seen. What we know there is a world of possibilities, where dreams become reality.

Where does the word take you? What jumps out, that you’d like to explore or write about?

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next word is ‘stripes’ which will take place on Monday 17th April at 6pm (we will miss Easter Monday).

Hope to see you there.


So close your eyes
And allow your mind
To float free
Free to travel
Into the mists
Of phantom imaginings
Where all kinds of worlds exist

Newly discovered alternatives
New options and Interactions

Giant ideas float
Above the clouds
Powering streams of dreams
Allowing maneuverability
No longer tethered
To the logic below
Free to travel with curiosity
Free from normality
Dreams and fantasies
Came to life
Phantom worlds morphing
Into Fairylands Dragons Elves and Sprites
Magical creatures abound
Creating realities
A wonderland
Here phantoms exist
Living fulfilling lives of possibilities
Become the truth
For phantom reality

So close your eyes
And allow your mind
To float free
Free to travel
Into the mists
Of phantom imaginings
Where all kinds of worlds exist

PJR    3.04.2023

Phantoms of my mind

Loved ones are with us always
In the breeze on my face, in the distant stars
Cannot erase the phantoms of my mind
Hearing the voices, past memories
A presence, closeness, almost touching
They are beside me, but I cannot see
The phantoms of my mind
Giving advice to my younger self
Saying go through life with a happy heart
Another phantom to be heard, only a thought away

CCon 3rd March 2023

The Intruder

I walk on stage
My skit in place
I’ve prepped myself
Psyched up for the act

My timing impeccable 
My lines succinct
I can see I’ve had impact
Laughs in the crowd in synch

I managed once again
To quiet the intruder
Or is that the ‘real me’
Who yearns to hide
And not be seen

I am fraught with fear
Not really as I appear
A fraud with a skill
Only able with a pill

The pain of the façade
Getting harder each time
This voice, my phantom
Is no longer random

Louder and louder 
Harder to clear
Can it be seen?
Is the end of my career near?


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