We can provide a way towards ongoing improvement for each person

We can give a way towards ongoing improvement for each person We can provide a way towards ongoing improvement for each person
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Personal Improvement to bring: creativityinspirationpassionimproved relationshipsauthenticitycontributionemotional intelligence.
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What our clients feel about us

The biggest for me have been the rules I have set and been living within without even realising the limitations I was setting on myself.
I liked the dynamic between Nigel and Tricia and I felt heard and supported, with no judgement

Reaching potential
Work through your immediate issue/challenge

Book a personal session with Nigel or Tricia and take your first steps towards healing

Reflect and Practice

Reflect on your self discovery and practice the steps in you day to day situations.

Share and Review

As you take each stepo toward healing share and review at your sessionsto learn and grow.

Enrol in the guided online program

Learn, practice, grow and improve. You will learn how to respond more from your heart than your mind, live in the present more, let og of past hurts and pursue your wants and passions.

Seeing, Feeling, Doing Differently towards healing and deep happiness.

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Our online guided programIt is built on universal principles, lived experiences, significant research, peer reviews and proven results.
6 powerful interactive modules
video guides
activities and practices
At your own pace


Outsourcing to RTHB is a cost effective, beneficial and proven approach. It provides an alternative for employees to honestly and openly engage, work on themselves confidentially with what they uniquely need and become better equipped for the challenges now and in the future. It can also bring comfort to organisation leaders, knowing that their people are working on their issues, improving and growing toward reaching and bringing their potential.

The statistics show that most of us are carrying burdens or facing challenges/ issues and, typically, organisations do not have the capacity to directly work through personal issues with employees.

The RTHB approach:

  • brings practical, proven tools in its approach and is suitable for all people no matter their background or the nature of the situation or challenge
  • is designed to enable people to become all that they are, with self-dependence. This is reflected in all services
  • can break current limiting cycles and have a positive ripple effect
  • recognises the complexities of life and makes the process of engaging with services, welcoming, easy and efficient
  • recognises the variation in what people are experiencing and offers a range of flexible options to access the required support

RTHB is a social enterprise and puts people and integrity above profit.

RTHB’s portal for use by organisations provides ready access to services and reporting, including collated survey results on progress and sentiment and how people are feeling overall.

About Tricia

โ€˜I have experience in many industries including counselling, fitness, coaching, education and wellbeing and this combined with my personal life situations, including a cancer diagnosis in 2006, and life journey as a parent and grand-parent, has helped me to discover a simple truth about feeling truly happy and successful.โ€™

About Nigel

โ€˜I have arrived to this point in time with a range of work and professional experience in leadership, governance, consulting and improvement in over 500 organisations large and small. This coupled with my tertiary studies have led me to identify what makes organisations successful and how to create the best environment for a sustainable and successful organisation with its people. I have discovered what really matters and makes a differenceโ€˜.

Outsourcing Services:

1. Personal Support Sessions

To support employees in their immediate challenges/ issues as well as over the longer-term. The session can provide a better understanding of situation/ context and offer alternative perspectives and support.

  • typically conducted via zoom/teams and booked at times to suit employees
  • the sessions can be purchased in 30 minute blocks and which can be configured to cater for personal needs eg 2 blocks= a 1 hour session
  • space is provided to better understand the situation and to begin moving through it
  • heart-based alternatives are explored to open up new possibilities
  • deeper entrenched patterns of behaviour may emerge, giving direction to future work
  • RTHB sessions and services are intended for issues/challenges/anxieties and mental health, rather than mental illness

2. Find your Self, Find your Way Guided Online Program

This program aims to develop their unique emotional intelligence to equip each employee for their future challenges, whilst remaining on track with self-care, contribution and authenticity. Employees are provided space to reflect, learn, practice, develop and grow at their own pace to reach their potential

  • provides an ongoing journey of discovery to uncover what may be limiting and grow emotional intelligence
  • provides alternatives that better equip each person for the future
  • each step provides concepts, actions/ practices, guided videos and audio options
  • monthly group zoom sessions for general sharing
  • each person gets their own login on the RTHB secure platform, that they can access and progress in their own time
  • lifelong access to provide support in the future as needed
  • opportunities to make comment and communicate on the user platform
  • at the organisation level, all participants can be enrolled efficiently using a csv file and a dashboard can be accessed showing the progress through the modules.

3. Additional RTHB Services

a) Kickstarter Workshops

Introducing heart-based principles in real-life situations towards lasting healing and wellbeing. It is recommend to purchase workshops with 10 employees in-person or 20 virtual.

The kickstarter workshop:

  • brings people together to bond through sharing in a safe environment
  • introduces the heart-based alternative approaches for people to feel what it can offer in relation to their needs/situation
  • begins the journey of openness, seeing, feeling and doing differently
  • provides the opportunity for honest expression of feelings and experiences
  • highlights the suitability of the heart-based approach to cater for the uniqueness and diversity of each person
  • an interactive and engaging introduction to RTHB concepts
  • a journey through a series of questions about a current personal challenge
  • space to record and express (as much as they feel is ok) their responses to these questions
  • a discussion that highlights alternative approaches
  • a tangible and helpful takeaway next step
  • a sensory journey of ‘heartfulness’ together
  • explanation of possible next steps and role of the personal support sessions and online programs available
  • a Q & A
  • * Note: the workshops can be tailored to suit an organisations needs

b) Questionnaires and Surveys

We have the tools to capture individual responses to questions which awaken and provide individual and collective picture of where someone is in relation to emotional intelligence and deep happiness. This helps the individual identify where they want to work on themselves and the organisation gain and overall picture of where their people are at at a given point in time. These ‘pictures’ in the form of radar charts are produced instantaneously as the questionnaire is completed and the overall results can be provided. as needed.

We can design and tailor further questionnaires /surveys to suit your particular needs..

  • leadership development
  • compliance vs heart-based human centric systems
  • pathway to becoming a heart-based organisation

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**Contact us here with any questions or to tailor the outsource services for your organisation.

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Personal Support and Wellbeing Sessions
Find your Self, Find your Way, Online Guided Program – for employees
Kick-Starter Workshops for Organisations

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  1. Please check your junk/spam folders for all of our email communications..
  2. Once paid for and with an employee list provided (in csv format), each person will have immediate access to the online program and we will make contact to schedule workshops and personal sessions.

This unique approach can guide your people to

discover their whole self: to awaken their senses and unlock all that they can bring.
work on themselves: to practice self-care and improvement.
appreciate their unique self: to contribute their energy and ideas.
open up to possibilities: to learn, grow and innovate.
relate to their self and others genuinely: for meaningful relationships with trust to express, listen and collaborate.
bring more of their โ€˜realโ€™ self: to naturally engage and inspire others.
leave others the space to be themselves: to discover what they bring and improve contribution.
feel for what matters: to streamline systems, structures and compliance approach.
live from their heart, with their mind in support: for the capacity to better care and adapt to challenges.

More Information

The directors, Tricia and Nigel, share more about the program in this video:

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This online program includes:

  • Questionnaire: Where are you now and what have you noticed?
  • Module 1
    • Foundations and themes that underpin the approach
    • Heart-based vs mind-based
    • Wants and not-wants
    • Self-care; what does it really look and feel like?
    • How does deep change really happen?
  • Module 2
    • Discover your senses and feel your heart
    • Tuning in on a deep and intuitive level
  • Module 3
    • Discovering the rules, behaviours, habits and patterns that maybe limiting you
    • Discovering your unique self
  • Module 4
    • Being all of you HMBS
    • Relating and adapting in real time – in moments when it matters
  • Module 5
    • Moving through stages, changes and challenges
  • Module 6
    • Life vision and choices
Chien shares her experience of the

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Realisations, self-care and compassion:

Senses, intuition, feeling vs thinking:

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