Kick-Starter Workshops for Organisations

We offer interactive workshops for your employees to kick-start a Heart-Based LivingTM approach for improved and lasting wellbeing and happiness. Statistics show many people are carrying burdens, trauma, worries and challenges which can be addressed through this positive, proven approach.

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  • Statistics show that many people have issues, challenges, abuse trauma or are burdened in some way, affecting their wellbeing and their contribution to work and life.
  • Organisations are not typically set up to work through these type of personal issues
  • Research shows that shifting towards heart-based positive emotions can have significant cognitive and other benefits for the whole self.
  • This approach kick-starts the ongoing support and practice needed for people to shift to the beneficial and genuine positive emotions.

This approach:

  • caters for the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in the workplace
  • is personal and can address these issues, benefiting the person and the organisation
  • is proven and research based
  • helps people to find the space and energy to work on the things that matter
  • provides ongoing support as needed
  • fits in with busy schedules where the energy required is little and often
  • enables people to practice what they learn immediately
  • provides short term and longer-term lasting gains
  • including the online program is accessible for life
  • and the workshops begin the journey of seeing, feeling and doing differently

The workshop is intended to be interactive and experiential where we will:

  1. introduce Heart-Based LivingTM
  2. ask a series of questions for employees to work through related to their issues and challenges
  3. create space to record and express their responses to these questions
  4. provide and discuss alternative approaches/perspectives for something tangible and helpful to take away from the workshops
  5. experience a heartfulness moment together
  6. explain possible next steps including the online program and personal sessions available
  7. conclude with a Q & A.

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+ We recommend up to 10 people per workshop.
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