Creating Wellbeing Environments WORKSHEET 5

We recognise the challenges we face regularly.

Firstly by virtue of being human, we naturally experience a range of emotions that surface from connections to the past, events in the present or fears for the future.

Our body, mind and spirit is balancing stimuli from within and from the external environment.

Life today, the pressures, stress, uncertainties all perfectly placed to ‘unleash the storm’ for more challenge and complexity.

So with the growing tools and strategies, the potential to ‘avert’ being pulled in the ‘storm’ is greatly increased.

In some moments, the storm may be upon you before you have time to ‘avert’ in which case taking IMMEDIATE care of your self, may be the way back.

Nurture before it spirals further.


This worksheet aims to help you connect further with your unique self. To recognise more promptly how you feel and what you need to maintain the wellbeing balance.

We call it your SOE (Self, Others, Environment) self activity. The Self that takes care of you so that you are then able to bring your feel good self to Others and the Environment.