Using your strengths

VIA Character strengths survey

Prior to this program, you were asked to take the VIA character strength survey.

If you have yet to do so, here is the link. The survey general takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Your signature strengths

Take a moment to think about the top 6 strengths as indicated from the results of the survey. These are known as your signature strengths.

***WORKSHEET*** Down load the worksheet to answer a few questions about how these support you at work.

The character strengths of others

We all have different signature strengths. When we work, engage and acknowledge strengths in our work roles and relationships, there are potentially many great benefits.


Think about your work team and what you see as their signature strengths.

Acknowledging their strengths can be a great starting point to building relationships. 

Notice the impact of thinking about others through the ‘eyes of strengths’.

(NOTE: We build on this in the PATIENCE workshop)

ACTIVITY 1 + – of strengths