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Sapphire (poetic expression)

Elite: a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

At a time in Australia, when national government elections were taking place, it seemed an appropriate word to explore.

Elections are for all the community to have a voice, so is not just for the elite to direct the course.

So what were the feelings around the word ‘elite’? What does it bring up for you? What stories or situations have an influence in how you see things?

Next week’s word is ‘elite’. II wonder where that will lead us?

Hope to see you there.



Step one, select your sex

Step two, select your choice

Male, female, no in-between.

Hope I don’t meet my ex

Next on the mating site

I’m asked to state my case

Will my answers lay the bait,

to find my perfect mate?

This is my time to find

my future partner in crime.

I’m feeling good inside

I wonder who’ll reply.

Trying not to overthink

Should I share all my kinks?

Being honest? Might as well.

it’s all part of my on-line sell.

Many questions leave me blank

Good heavens can I be that frank

Should I keep a bit up my sleeve?

Who knows what they’ll believe. 

Its time to hit submit

Reticence holds me back a bit

Here goes the deed is done

Not too sure of the outcome

Good gracious that was quick

Matches already to be picked

Fuzzy photos on which to click

Choices, choices, choices.

I start by reading what they say

So many thoughts come into play

I feel uncomfortable and detached

So many looking to be matched

I’m unable to continue in this quest

It’s causing me a deep unrest

To see their faces comes with a catch

I need to subscribe to view my match

Eyes, mouth, smiles are important to see

For which I’m not willing to pay a fee

This feels foreign and I’m unconnected

because this is not what I expected

I’ve unsubscribed to the Elite dating site

As going online doesn’t feel quite right.

PJR    23.05.2022


Her selection 
A reflection
Of her heart 
A wise start

It captured the interest of a kingdom
It shone and beamed with joy and wisdom 

Whispering gently 
a durable  9
Dense and intense
Without the diamond shine

Transparent mid range blue
It had a job to do 
To protect and keep her safe
With what she was going through

Mystical and magical
To calm and guide
I wonder if she was wearing it 
When she died 

Now its legacy
It does appear 
The simple design
A memory so dear 

Of a person with a shy 
Sideways glance
Who felt deeply, spiritual
And loved to dance…

TLaB 16th May 22


They did not know what they were 
Shiny, yes
Song, yes
Beautiful colour, yes
But hardly a consciousness was to stir

At first they would share their talents
In the ‘local’
Watched and jeered by those
Who could not bring their hearts
And from their prejudice relent

Instead of seeing people
They only saw the colour
As though their own
Was preferable albeit duller 

There were noticed
As they begin 
By someone 
who saw their talents within

He visited their family
For permission 
To take them on a journey
And share what they have

They practiced something new
Less of the country
More of the soul
And their feelings grew

They travelled and performed
Often in great danger
To uplift morale
Even though all strangers

When it was all over
They returned to their homeland
Found love and all they needed
With their talents hand in hand.


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