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Secrets (poetic expression)

It is wonderful to explore topics how our feelings and thoughts about certain topics.

This week’s topic on ‘secrets’ brought some interesting perspectives. There were many feelings about the nature of a secret, and its impact. Even the behaviours surrounding the thought of a secret… Often it seems to attract attention.

Once again, this topic had us delve into our selves, our lives, our past and address or have a conversation with it, which we have come to know how powerful that is.

How do you feel about secrets? What have you kept a secret and what is your reason?

Next week’s word is ‘sapphire’. II wonder where that will lead us?

Hope to see you there.


I make my way

to the kitchen door

fearing what I’ll say

will hurt him to his core

my son sits alone

my boy I so adore

I have a secret

one I have to share

weighing up my options

has helped me feel prepared

I admit to being scared

my admission could cause

loss of respect and crush

any future hope of trust

I’ve rehearsed this moment

I know it will be tough

it’s time for my admission

his reactions to my decision

have been played out long enough

silence is no longer

something I can defend

my moral obligation

has won out in the end

no matter what I’ve done

my feelings for my son

will help me overcome

the loss I’m about to bear

with this secret I’m about to share

PJR    9.05.2022

A Big Secret

I was 5…

It didn’t seem such a big thing
Until my conscience began to ring

Loud in my ears
Then came my fears
What if I’m found out
I’m sure dad will do more than shout

So i kept it quiet
Was saying nothing a lie?

Or just a secret known to me
to discount it as a reality

But over time the secret grew
In my mind, very hard to shew

Liking hiding the shame
Avoidance became the game 

A secret that was always near
Kept me in constant fear

A silence deafening inside
Can’t run can’t hide

How many of us are crying inside?
The way we have lied

Coz to say it as it is 
Isn’t the way of today’s biz

A secret, a silent shield 
To a facade, we tend to build

So after 50 years the secret came out
I admitted it, and what no pout?

Sounded so silly to have kept it in,
Once I heard it out loud, I actually grinned

Was it really that bad, that ‘Big Charlie’ deal?
His bank money, part of the steal

Oh my goodness no! once I heard the lot, 
A child minded situation, not an undermining plot

That lived with me for so long,
Until I finally discovered it wasn’t that wrong… 

So just like that, I was free of the tie,
A secret no longer, til the day I die 

TLaB 9th May ’22


What is this poem about? 
Well… I cannot tell you
Even if you scream or shout
I will not let out even a clue

Are you interested more or less
With this confidential approach?
Has your curiosity peaked at best
Or to find out, will you encroach?

‘You’ll never guess what happens next’
Is an often used trailer-phrase
For reality TV shows with ‘exciting’ quests
that get us into a sedentary malaise

Do our ears prick up
If someone quietens their voice
To make out the words uttered like syrup
and we can make a choice?

When files are marked confidential
Does the burning to find out begin?
What is the existential
Information contained within?

What is that ingredient
That the manufacturer or chef will not share?
Even on the label immediate
Is it hidden and not laid bare?

It seems that the whole ploy
Is to overcome our lethargy
And with our curiosity, to toy
so that we dig deeper with energy

The magician trick
of which we are in wonder
When we find out how
Are we any the wiser?

It can be the human trait
To really want to know
The answer to the riddle
How does happiness grow?

Will we uncover the mysteries of life
From genomes to atoms, life to death
Can we pursue the ones that really matter
Before we take our last breath?

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