So how did silence arrive as a word for the week, from the session on Fame? I suppose after exploring the highs and lows of fame, the realisation that ‘the sounds of silence’ can be a much valued thing!
As well as the fact, that during the week, we had connected with a few people who had expressed their discomfort with silence. It lead us to wonder about our feelings on silence, and we all agreed it would be good to delve a little deeper into.
Thank you Kay for inviting Dr Michael Brohier to share his poem… See below. And such diversity in the expression around silence from the group… the deep, the real, the authentic – feels wonderful.
From what it is, to what it isn’t… what it brings what it does’t…where you’ll find it, where you won’t… what it feels like, what it sounds like, what it looks like…
We hope you enjoy some of the expressions below.

Lagoon Silence

Boat sways to the ripple
We hold still our bodies, our breath,
for one brief, treasured moment.
Now entranced by nature’s allure,
Here for an eternity,
But for us, over too soon.

Silence, stillness, peace,
A respite from getting and spending,
From toil which does not cease

Boat coughs into life,
Whispered voices
deafen my ears,
And we are thrust back
into time, motion, our transient years
beset by irrational fears
on earth’s fragile hemispheres,
bitter-sweet cause for tears.

Now moment lost,
Stillness dearly cost,
Silence behind,
our lives now tempest – tossed,
We forge on.

Lagoon silence, no more.

Thank you Dr Michael Brohier
Artistic Director – Somerset Storyfest
Wordsmiths Creative Writing Co-ordinator

Silence is golden for some

eerie for others
An anechoic chamber is absolute silence
or is it?
when I was there
I heard all of my bodily functions
Some that I’ve never heard before
I was aware of my machine

Silence can be peace
Or it can be loneliness
it can be the absence of all noise
or the presence of only some

it can be a mic on mute
ears that do not work
headphones or speakers unplugged or
someone miming

Silence can be when you feel
most at one with nature and the universe
it can be when your mind quietens
or when you zone out

The sounds of silence
what are they?
the colours of spring?
a full moon?
good vibrations?
or a sleepy Sunday afternoon?

Whatever yours is
May it be the peace
that nurtures your heart
and brings joy to all of your moments



Alone or busy silence
Blissful, walking, sitting in the park silence
Silence of sadness then amusing
To feel the balance maybe confusing!

A thought begins from silence
Ours to create
Take the time to reflect
Finding the balance is ours to make

CCon 30th August 2021


I was born totally deaf,
I’ll never hear a treble clef.
No inner voice will I hear,
in my silence I have no fear.
Through my hands I can communicate.
All my feelings I can demonstrate.
It’s the way I can display.
I’m human and I have a say,
in how I learn just like you.
Showing you I have a brain too.
Just because no sounds are in play,
I express myself in a different way.
My signing is my language carrier.
My words no longer face a barrier.
I am me in my silent world, a world with no sound.
I laugh when sound people seek to have silence around.
What I’d give to hear the sound called music.
That joins together with the written lyric.
To hear a poems rhyme and cadence,
must surely take a lot of patience.
For me, my silence is my norm,
I have no other way to conform.
I laugh, I cry, I love, I hate.
This is a natural human state.
I was born totally deaf
I’ll never hear a treble clef.

PJR    30.08.2021

Silence, the body mind spirit and heart

The pause between my breath, brings the stillness in my body
The stillness in my body, brings the peace in my mind
The peace in my mind, brings the connection to my spirit,
The connection to my spirt, brings the love in my heart…

With love in my heart, I’ve learnt how to be
Able to see, feel and be free
Free from the rules that once kept me afloat
Now I can truly experience the boat…

the swirl, that stirs emotion in me,
the gliding, brings me the wonder of the sea…
the breeze, that goes straight to my bones
the reeds, with the strength to ‘go it alone’

Alone a silence, a sound that can’t be seen,
Alone a silence, so much that it can be…
A pause, a stillness, a peace, a connection
Not a discomfort, a challenge, no sign of affection

Whatever it is, with love I know…
no matter soft or loud, with silence I grow…
silence of the breeze, silence of the reeds,
silence of the swirl, gliding to and fro…

TLab 26th August 2021

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