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Spice (poetic expression)

The topic of spice once again, brought an opportunity to express life through a different lens. This is the beauty of the poetic expression.

We can bring the literal interpretation, or it can be what it conjures in us. It was interesting where it lead this week.

This week, it lead some of us to research about spices, and it was interesting to learn the difference between herbs (green fresh leaves of the plant) and spices (dried and crushed other parts of the plant). Some other interesting finds about the history of spices were also brought to light.

We explored how each spice can be used in many ways to express something else about life. Dill for example… have you ever used this word to describe this about a person even though it is a herb or spice?

And then there is the opportunity to tell a story about something you have faced in life, perhaps inequity, using some key spices as powerful metaphors.

Hope you enjoy the expressions this week and please feel free to leave any comments or expressions of your own.

Next week’s word is ‘spice’. I wonder where that will lead us?

Hope to see you there.


Sadness creeps under the blankets

Of mortality as I lie awake each day

Its late afternoon I raise my head

On empty stomach I leave my bed

Braised baked grilled or fried

Stews roasts curries or pies

Time to decide

What’s for dinner?

Head into the fridge

Pork mince I discover

Fresh greens for my supper

I can almost taste

My choice of tucker

I better not waste

That ripe tomato

First I’ll fry the meat

A little oil will do the trick

Now to the cupboard

To spice up my treat

So many it’s hard to pick

A flake of this

A dash of that 

Flavor is where I’m at

The pan begins to hiss

The aromatics from the sizzle

Fills the kitchen with bliss

Now a dressing for me to drizzle

I dish my food upon my plate

This was worth the wait 

Spices explode as I eat

That’s a dish I must repeat

It’s such a shame I’m on my own

Another night I’ll dine alone.PJR    13.06.2022

Just as nature intended

As the ROOTS of the tree strengthen and broaden, 

The tree reaches outwards and upwards

It’s BARK shedding and replenishing during the cycles of the season 

As the leaves fall, the TWIGS more visible 

The tiny BERRIES are all that remain

For the birds to peck, and do their part in nature’s flow 

Just in time for the SEED and flower PODS to emerge 

Waiting for the fresh leaves to appear once more

And the buds to FLOWER in their delicate form 

Before the FRUITS arrive

And the leaves fall…

TLaB 13/6/22


The spice of food adds the flavour 

The spice of life brings the nature

It creates an interest

From the senses

That sparks more flow

And less defences

Why do we need spice?

Are things too bland without it?

I am not so sure

Sometimes I like the natural

The true, the real

Without enhancement or modification

To really feel what it is

As intended at creation(NRS)

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