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When something captures your attention, it’s wonderful to notice. Perhaps to ask, what is it and why is that so? Often we don’t know. Often we don’t have the opportunity to take the time, to wonder, to explore and notice what emerges. The fabric velvet captured one of the group member’s attention and it resonated for others too, so velvet become the week’s word. So many textures, images, memories and visuals conjured. Hope you enjoy where it took some of us and the expression it brought.


The party was in full swing
Nylon, rayon and polyester sharing static
As denim twilled with cotton
Taffeta and lace were not forgotten
Standing in the corner eating nibbles
Stood needle, buttons and thimbles
Sharing drinks with feathers.
Jute flax bamboo sat with hemp
Spinning threads they’ve spun.
Trundle looms and weaving
Joined in with all the fun.

Then all at once
The star was announced by silk
And down the staircase
Unrolled, came the prince
Smooth and soft with regal bearing
Velvet had arrived wearing
Red blue gold and green
The most beautiful fabric they had seen
The guests thought him divine
With which one will he combine?

PJR    15.11.2021


Life can be tough
So unique, a learning curve
Do this, don’t do that
My gosh, it can be rough

Then, days to travel in the bush,
Captivated by vast terrain
Absorbing all, feeling tall
How strange, I am alone on the train
A feeling of contentment

A softness falls on my shoulders
Warmth, beauty, texture
A velvet moment, a velvet thought,
A velvet day, one like no other

How wonderful to call it mine

CCon 15th Nov 21


Velvet is plush
Velvet is crush
It can be a dark
It can be veiled

It may hide secrets
Of what is underneath
Are they unknown
Are they unseen

Veils of velvet
Hide wonders too
What that is
I will leave it to you

It can look great to the eye
With its hidden depth, nap and weave
The violet tinge
However when touched I cringe

NRS 15th Nov 21

The Lawn

Have you seen my lawn he would say
It’s his pride and joy on any day.
It looks like velvet
Beautiful and green
The best you’ve seen.

The feeding and watering has worked a treat
The grass is so green, the best in the street.

She thinks ‘so much to do’
But he doesn’t have a clue
The weeding and the yard
Cleaning up it’s not hard.

But then she listens to him whistling
The sound of the lawnmower
The smell of the freshly cut grass
He’s so proud, it’s his therapy.

Have you seen our green velvet lawn J

KM 15/11


The sensation of velvet
Soft and delicate to me
I remember it’s impact
When it first came to be

Dresses and coats
Mum sewed them together
Then there was the soap
Distinctive smell with me forever

Plush curtains framed the stage
I remember they were all the rage
National velvet won the race
With such grace

Crushed, velour, stretch, plain
Love that feeling again and again
A simple comfort –
Smooth terrain

Velvet in that moment
disconnected from the pain,
No noise from the outside
Beautiful silence remains

Sweet velvet…

fingers touching mine – sublime
sun on my back
gentle breeze on a hot night
warm bed when cold inside
hot chicken soup

sinking into a chair
A cloak who dares to wear
birds singing flying high
red velvet cake – just devine
or  ‘black velvet’ – if you please…

Ah… velvet
smooth to my skin
Yet for many,
It is not akin
More a texture grim!

So what makes your heart sing?


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